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Maintaining the Aeronca Champ, page 1
   Annual Maintenance Activity
 Part 1  Preparation for Inspection
 1-1  Remove all inspection covers, wing root fairings, and rudder fairings
 1-2  Remove all wheel covers--main wheels and tailwheel
 1-3  Remove rear seat, seat belts, and ELT
 1-4  Remove rear inspection panel, cockpit to tail
 1-5  Remove floorboard to expose control stick linkage and cables (as needed)                                                                         
 1-6  Remove propeller, top cowl, bottom cowl, and nose cowl
 1-7  Reinstall and torque propeller
 Part 2
 Engine Inspection and Maintenance
 2-1  Run engine with propeller until warm
 2-2  Remove wires from spark plugs, being careful not to twist or damage
 2-3  Remove top spark plugs
 2-4  Check cylinder compression while engine warm
 2-5  Check and adjust magneto timing, according to manufacturer instructions
 2-6  Remove all spark plugs; clearn and gap
 2-7  Drain oil
 2-8  Clean oil screen; check for magnetic particles and metal flakes
 2-9  Clean oil screen; reinstall and safety
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