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Step 9. Build Out of the Fuselage, page 3
Step 9. Build Out of the Fuselage

Build out of the fuselage takes so many steps in sequence that The Cub Doctor wrote a special article on the subject in April 2000 (Cub Clues, #97, page 10).  The critical problem is the need to sequence the installation of the interior fabric with the floorboard installation.  And the floorboards cannot be installed unless everything fits.  With but slight changes from Clyde Smith’s priorities, allowing for differences in long wing Piper models, here is the sequence:


1. Frame Preparation Prior to Buildup

10. Installation of Front Seat

2. Painting of Exposed Fuselage Tubes

11. Installation of Stabilizer Trim Control

3. Installation of the Boot Cowl

12. Installation of Fuel System Components

4. Installation of the Vertical Fin Frame

13. Installation of Rudder Control Cables

5. Interior Fabric Covering (and Painting)

14. Installation of Elevator Control Cables

6. Installation of Floorboards

15. Installation of Electrical Components

7. Installation of Rudder Pedals

16. Installation of Fuselage Stringers

8. Installation of Brake System

17. Installation of the Stabilizer Trim Indicator

9. Installation of Aileron and Elevator Controls

18. Final inspection before covering. 


I am holding off on the interior fabric covering to ensure that all of the components go in appropriately.  There are certain times that require an inspection and signoff by an A&P/IA.  The “pre-cover” inspection is one of those times.  


Many more steps remain in this process, and we will report on them as completed. 

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