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compressor.  The only missing tools are wood and metal lathes and a milling machine.  (I have not found a use for either yet; remember the rule.)  I have an A-frame rolling wood storage unit, a shop vacuum, a Graco high volume low pressure (HVLP) turbine spray unit, a clean air breathing system (Hobby Air), and a gas acetylene/oxygen welding system, and a one-ton folding engine hoist.  

The pride of the shop is a birch wood, rolling tool table that holds the drill press, the grinder, the disk/belt sander, and the Dremel metal disk/belt sander.  The lower part of the unit contains a dust filtering system made of a furnace blower and air filters. It was patterned after a similar design made by an EAA homebuilder and featured in Sport Aviation. 


Small hand tools are everywhere.  There are three major shelving units for tools, two wall-mounted tool shelves with cubby holes, one kitchen cabinet unit used to hold my many clamps and the air tools and attachments.  Tools for the project at hand are contained on a rolling tool tray that pulls up to the work place. 

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