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Next stop a plane of my own.  In 2000, looking on the Internet, I found a Piper Cub project in Bonita Springs, FL, with all of the pieces of an airplane but an engine.  Sue and I took a trailer to Florida over the Fourth of July and bought the “basket” of parts from Jack Bills for $8400.  I could not have been more thrilled.  That is when the odyssey illustrated in this website took off.  I have worked on the project for 10 years, making more progress when out of work, but making a little progress all of the time. 

Taildraggers--the name suggests a special kind of pilot and airplane--a real pilot and airplanes from an era when real airplanes were flown.  Scratching this itch, I signed up for training in a Piper Cub J-3 offered by Pete and Karl Engelskirger at Wadsworth Municipal Airport, Ohio (3G3).  Two excellent instructors, father and son, they taught me to tame the beast by "flying until it is in the barn" and "dancing on the pedals".  Ten hours of training, then solo time, and I am a taildragger pilot with logbook endorsement.  One of the best investments I ever made. 

In 1999 I took two weeks of training in restoring aircraft at the Experimental Aircraft Association EAA Academy in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I was in heaven—building wood ribs, bending and riveting aluminum sheet into recognizable forms, welding, covering with Ceconite, and spray painting.  By the end of two weeks, the class and I had covered and nearly finished a “Cubby”  (Piper Cub replica). I have since learned more skills in the EAA Sportair Workshops—hint, hint!

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