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The Internet provides a link to all of the resources and suppliers needed to do a project.  The yellow pages of the aircraft world is Trade-A-Plane at www.trade-a-plane.com.  Get a subscription and get a delivery twice a month.  The website is good but the actual publication is easier to use.   More fun is Barnstormers at www.barnstormers.com. These two sources will open the door to hundreds of other suppliers.  Three other sources deserve special mention:  CubCrafters, Inc. at www.cubcrafters.com, Dakota Cub Aircraft at www.dakotacub.com, and Aircraft Technical Support at www.aircrafttechsupport.com. ATS is the company run by Jim and Dondi Miller.  I get all of my covering and spray painting supplies from Jim and Dondi. I would not purchase them anywhere else.  These two lovely people are the kind of instant friends we all learn to treasure. They taught my wife to do fabric covering at one of their workshops here in Pittsburgh.  But they run them all over the U.S.  These companies provide some of the special parts and services that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. 


The bible for the use of parts and procedures is a publication of the FAA.  This book is “Acceptable Methods, Techniques, and Practices:  Aircraft Inspection and Repair”, in two parts--AC 43.13-1B and AC 43.13.13-2A--both of which are in the same volume.  You can download the volume directly from the FAA website at www.faa.gov, or you can purchase this essential book at many outlooks including Historic Aviation and Jeppesen.  While on the subject, visit the FAA website for all kinds of useful information and answers to questions about the rules and regulations.  


Lastly, the best resource is your own family, especially your spouse.  He or she does not have to like airplanes, but they can and should be part of the project.  These projects are not cheap, and coming out of the monthly grocery budget, they can be a source of friction.  My wife Sue is my biggest supporter. She has been a big part of this project from day one.  I involve her in all key decisions and listen to her concerns and preferences. She is my rock.  She even took a course in aircraft fabric covering to get a feel for what is involved.  Keep your family involved. 

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