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5. Specialized Tools


There are any number of specialized tools that will find use on a project.  A few are listed here.  



Name of Tool

Favorite Brand or Type

Special Features

Trammel Points


Used to square a wing and set drag wires

One-ton, Folding Shop Crane (engine hoist)

Harbor Freight

Used to lift heavy objects like aircraft engines

Sand Blasting Cabinet

Harbor Freight

A piece of junk.  Will buy up next time. 

Sand Blaster, Gravity

Harbor Freight

A pressurized blaster is better

Granite Machinist Surface Plate, 24 x 36 inches (Weighs a ton)

Found by my son Chad  

Nothing like it for making accurate measurements.  Finds special use in making absolutely flat wings for my radio control airplanes, especially fiberglass composites.  

Shelf Units for Heavy Objects

Gorilla Rack

Boltless Shelving; holds my metal shear; several in the hangar

Hydraulic Elevating Cart

Northern Tool

Cart for lifting heavy objects and moving around the shop

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