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Name of Tool

Favorite Brand or Type

Special Features

32 Inch Shear, Press Brake, and Slip Roll

Harbor Freight

I got this fabulous tool for $199 in a distress sale.  Problem is it weighs 300 pounds.  But oh, the work it does.  32 inch shear.  Maximum bite:  20 gauge mild steel.

Safety Wire Twisting Pliers

Aircraft Tool Supply

Good quality

Engine Assembly Stand

Aircraft Tool Supply

Assembly and Storage of Aircraft Engine without Damage

Northern Tool Hydraulic Lift Table on Wheels

Northern Tool & Equipment

Lift heavy objects off the floor to needed height off floor; transport

Rivet Squeezer

Avery Tools

Different throat depths, multiple rivet/dimple sets

G.P. Dolly

Martin Tools

Backing dolly for bending out dents

Metal Shaping Tools

TM Technologies

Hammers, slappers, bucking bars, anvils, gripping pliers

Specialized Saw Horses

Make Your Own

Holding wings, large sheets, fuselage, work surfaces

Pliers, screwdrivers, hammers

Sears Craftsman

Craftsman hand tools have a special feel and last a long time; come with a lifetime warranty but never used

Workmates bench/clamps

Black & Decker

More than one; different sizes; use to hold table top tools or as assembly benches

Metal Vise

Any Hardware Store

Holding and shaping metal

Benchtop Vises

Special Order

Clamp/hold bench top items

Hobby Vise


Holding small items

Wood Work Bench Vises

Built into wood work bench

Holding almost anything for shaping, riveting, painting

Flood lights on stands


Light makes jobs easier

Magnifier Lamp

Special Order - Hobby

Seeing small parts

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